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The Hammocraft has evolved from half a dozen different designs that we tested, torqued, and tampered with over a period of nearly 10 years. We are proud to offer a product that has suspended friends on rivers, rapids, ocean swell and many many lakes and slow rivers. We know our passion will become yours as soon as you step aboard a Hammocraft.



Meet the world's most blissful experience on water. 

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It’s unbelievably stable and easy to paddle. I am impressed by how maneuverable it is.
— Willi
Hammocks are great. A ring of floating hammocks is simply awesome.
— Travel and Leisure
Behold the new ultimate party boat.
— Outside Online
If you spend your summers at a lake house, live near a river, or you just really love hammocks (who doesn’t?) then you need to know about this brand-new, super fun invention—the hammocraft.
— Country Living